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100 lbs of Central Milling Organic Flour

100 lbs of Central Milling Flour

100 lbs of Central Milling Flour

So about two weeks ago, I took delivery of 100 lbs of Central Milling flour, and wow, 100 lbs is a LOT of flour! It came in two 50 lb bags: One bag of Beehive Organic Unbleached Malted AP and one bag of their Artisan Bakers Craft Organic Wheat Flour. Both flours have produced nothing but amazing results so far, with only one negative side effect: Where does one store a hundred damn pounds of anything in one’s little apartment kitchen?? In the end, I got a great 12 qt glass storage container to store a usable amount on the counter, and I shoved the rest in next to the fridge to use as a refill as my container gets low. I’m happy to have my new favorite flour so proudly on display, and my wife is happy to have those huge sandbag-esque bags of flour out of the middle of the kitchen! It’s a win-win!

So I know, if you read this blog with any regularity, that you know I am all gaga about Central Milling flour. They seem to have a great selection of specialty flours and they are semi local to me so I can pick and choose new flours each time I get a hold of them. I also wanted to let you know that I’ve been making pizzas recently with just the Beehive Organic AP flour

A Basil Extravaganza!

A Basil Extravaganza!

(see Basil Pizza Photo) and I am just so surprised at how well the flour/dough sets its gluten structure up. Because it’s not a bread flour per-se, the dough isn’t rubbery or hard to stretch. But to my surprise, this simple AP flour also holds up really well  to the bubbles and stretching produced by the CO2 from the yeast. It seems to be a perfect blend of a decently high gluten network with the soft, easy to toss feeling you may be looking for in your dough. Just thought you’d like to know WHY I like this flour so much :)

Anyhow, enjoy the photos, enjoy laughing at me and my inappropriately large bags of flour, and most importantly, go out and enjoy making some of the best pizza of your life for yourself tonight, would ya? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment – I’ll get right back to you with some hopefully helpful tips :)

Happy baking!


Couldn't Stay Away

I tried to leave my pizza stone behind. Tried to say I didn’t need it – tried to say I didn’t like it. Well, my friends, that was a big fat lie. Check out these photos from my return to the stone.

Pizza Boxes and a Happy Mistake!

So I had a potluck to go to as well as an order in from Grandma for some veggie pizzas on Saturday. Until now, I had never needed to deliver pies outside of my living room, but now I had to fill an order of five… What’s a guy to do?? Well, let me tell you about a little place called Cash & Carry: They’re awesome! I got something ridiculous like 50 generic pizza boxes for less than twenty bucks! dsc_0347On top of the cheap price, they also had five sizes to choose from, which would be super useful if my family began to order specific sizes.

Next, for some reason, I put a pie in the preheated oven and then clicked the thing over to BROIL instead of leaving it on bake like I usually do. I don’t bake on a stone, so broil is a bit inappropriate for my setup. Well, what you would think would happen, happened: The top was way over cooked and the bottom was pretty under done. But! Baking with the broiler somehow gave me a bunch of extra lift (and definitely some extra heat) and my pizza came out of the over quicker and with much larger air pockets in the crust. I loved it! The pictures seem to make it look more burned than it actually was. It was enough to make me start to look around for pizza stones again…. Do I feel another shift coming on?? Stay tuned!




Free Sourdough for All!

sourdoughHello there – if you would like an active, ready to bake with, sourdough culture and you live in or around the Chico, California area, leave me a comment here on the blog and you can have any of the three cultures I keep active in my fridge at all times. I currently have two cultures from Italy, one of which is over two hundred years old, and one is actualy local Chico sourdough which I captured and have been feeding for the past year or so. Give me a few days notice and plan on bringing a little container and whichever strain sounds yummy is yours! All three make exelent pizza.

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