I’m Back! New Flours from Central Milling, SF Pizza and More

Alicia discovers just how popular Central Milling really is in San Francisco!

It’s been a while since my last post, and in the period of radio silence a lot has happened! We bought a small house with a gas oven, I found a new and exciting job, and perhaps most exciting of all, we traveled to San Francisco and had some world-class pizza. Also while in San Francisco, we had a chance to visit with your good friend and mine, Nick from Central Milling. Not only did I buy 100lb of their new ’00′ Normal Pizza Flour, but I also have in my possession 20lb of their newest experimental pizza flour “Pizza Germania.” Between new ovens, reports and reviews from Pizzeria Delfina and Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, and results photos from my experiments with the new Pizza Germania flour, you can expect this blog to roar back to life in the coming weeks.

Ryan is a graphic designer, avid home cook, surfer, and musician living with his wife in sunny Northern California. He is the Webmaster, desiger, and composer at Fuze Group, a creative agency based out of Laguna Beach. He also teaches Adobe Flash at California State University, Chico.

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